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    These were the two dumbest main characters I ve ever readand I ve found a lot of idiots The hero is incredibly simple minded, I would say he is borderline special needs, but I have tremendous respect for those challenged by special needs and don t think they deserve the insult of such a comparison this hero has no excuse, he s just stupid He has no capacity for logical thinking and leaps to inexplicable and overtly non sensical, moronic conclusions, on at least 3 different occasions Major double standard, Madonna whore bullshit He s a slimy playerhe gave me the distinct impression of one of those gross men who leave the virginal wife at home and rub up against Western women on the dance floor Hero was going to marry heroine 3 years before but only resentfully and only because that was the only way he could have her, and to him, having her means sleeping with her because that s the only worthwhile thing he can see from a woman He basically got hurt at 19 and even though he has many familial examples of fidelity and honor in sexual practices by men and women, he proceeded to become a slut and use women for sex, anyone who gave it to him would then be deemed a success he planned never to marry, despite having been raised with the family values of sexual morality and monogamy, he rejects those deeply ingrained values of his family, to become a whore and play around with many women, using them and moving on immediately after scoring He s really just garbage who belongs in the gutter, there is no redemption because unlike the manwhore who is abused or can t connect because of severe familial dysfunction and or attachment disorder, this guy is from a loving family he has no excuse, he s just an arrogant, slimy piece of poop who should know better but decides to indulge his basest perversions and thinks his own sexual promiscuity does not reflect on his character at all Heroine is virginal and sweet nursery school teacher at 21 and puts off hero because she is a bit afraid bad treatment by jerk cheating brother in law because he sees her enter a hotel where her brother in law is and stay for a while, he decides she is sleeping with brother in law and abandons her with no explanation No evidence or discussion. Giant leap of stupidity number 1 He later claims his love for her was lurking in his heart but he managed to suppress his love to continue fucking other women for 3 years and never would have come back for heroine So his love is a really valuable thinghe ll marry and be out whoring around in a few years Then he deflowers the heroine and of course, her virginity vindicates her She didn t sleep with her brother in law and now his whole Madonna whore pathology kicks in and suddenly he loves her again, and must marry her and not dishonor her Oh, but then he hears her tell her brother in law on the phone not to threaten her, and takes a giant leap of logic or illogic to decide she must have loved the brother in law Giant leap of stupidity 2 I won t go into details on giant leap of stupidity 3 but he decides she is a thief on really flimsy evidence He has the worst view of her character which is why the only thing he could find to love about her is the fact that he pierced her hymen He s too stupid and weak to man up, and has no moral character, but that doesn t stop him from being a self righteous prig He is not even sexy enough to make his loose sexuality interesting The heroine is also a moron, she actually thinks when he throws out the word mistress that it would be a grand lark to be the mistress of a user who sleeps aroundshe conflates sexual desire with love and is so starry eyed stupid about him it s really sad She can t even figure out that he s garbage who thinks he s above the very rules he lays down for women while pretending to have old fashioned family values He s a total loser and one of the least hot HP heroes I ve ever read.

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    This fairly typical LG story earned an extra star because she conveyed a type of sexual harassment that did great harm to the heroine when she first met the hero However, the heroine actually went to counselling and worked on her fears of intimacy so that when they met again three years later she was able to respond to him as she wanted to There was no magic penis just ordinary penis and a year s worth of therapy The hero in this one was Turkish and he had a great grandmother, a grandmother, and a mother who were all eager to see him married He is also an Olympics caliber jumper to conclusions I hope Turkey recruits him he will be a gold medalist Hero tried to get the heroine in bed when he first met her He didn t really believe she was a virgin or that she covered up out of modesty sake He believes the poison her brother in law drops in his ear that she is sleeping with her sister s husband Hero breaks it off without confronting her The brother in law is the sexual harasser who has so messed up the heroine He was a womanizer and he made all kinds of threats and suggestions against the heroine while she was living in his house as a teenager Heroine didn t want to upset her sister so she kept her mouth shut The brother in law took over her father s travel agency and then embezzled a bunch of money and also forged the heroine s name on damning documents The hero had invested in the travel agency when he was in the throes of infatuation and now, three years later, he wants his money back.Heroine travels to the Turkey to explain the situation to the hero and it s only then that she realizes what her now ex brother in law has done The hero the engages in chapter after chapter of believing the worst about the heroine and then having to readjust his opinion.It s rather amusing and he s never that mean to the heroine since he just can t be mean when he looks into her baby blues.Suffice it to say, it all works out although the brother in law is view spoiler only killed off no rotting in prison for years hide spoiler

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    The synopsis didn t do the book justice It was romantic than it seemed, and Rauf wasn t the alpha ahole I was afraid he would turn out to be In fact, he was a sweet, smitten hero who was so blinded by jealousy that he couldn t see how his many misconceptions of Lily were just that, misconceptions Thankfully, they were cleared up one after the other and Rauf redeemed himself to become Lily s staunch protector The plot surrounding Lily s scheming relative there s almost always one in a Lynne Graham book concluded on a satisfying, if rather convenient, conclusion.

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    Another lovely sweet HEA romance by Lynne Graham This was a second chance romance where the H Rauf had planned on marrying the heroine Lily but had dumped her because he thought she was having an affair with her brother in law Rauf is an uber sexy Turkish H He is one of my all time favorite LG heroes but he still can never usurp Sergei s 1 position Sergei was the H from Ruthless Magnate, Convenient Wife NOBODY can usurp that scrumptious hottie Sergei in my list of Harlequin P heroes Lily was the quintessential beautiful blue eyed blonde who doesn t have a vain bone in her sexy body Lol These two were a really dynamic hot couple They met when Lily was working at a cafe as a waitress Rauf had turned up there with a bitchy date and the woman had noticed him staring at the sexy Lily and had a vicious she bitch jealous catty meltdown Rauf had apologized to Lily, given the she bitch her walking papers and turned his smoldering charm on to sweet innocent heroine Their relationship had developed quickly and Rauf had been extremely respectful of Lily s virgin status and had not pressured her into having sex with him Then their happy bubble of love was broken after Rauf was introduced to Lily s family The problem was Lily s nasty, adulterous and lecherous brother in law Brett The brother in law was about 8 yrs younger than Lily s big sister Hilary and the latter had believed she had won the husband lottery when a handsome younger guy like Brett had proposed to her Brett was never faithful to Hilary and had bullied and threatened Lily should she ever tell Hilary of his affairs The dumbest thing was that Lily s retired dad had already put his house and his small travel agency business into the full control of Brett and Hilary Brett was the one running the agency since Hilary stayed home with her 3 young daughters Lily s dad was angry at her when she revealed Brett s adultery to him her dad was afraid that any divorce would make him lose his home and his business since half of each now belonged to Brett legally Brett used his smarmy con man charm to get Lily s dad to accept a loan from Rauf for the expansion of their business Lily had been against it but Rauf had loaned them the money anyway because he was going to marry Lily Everything might have worked out well had it not been for the fact that Rauf ended up dumping Lily There were so many damn misunderstandings that caused the H to dump the heroine years ago As is the usual convention in HP romances, the misunderstandings and heart break could have been avoided if Rauf had simply told Lily what he had observed and had asked for an honest explanation What he had done was to ask Lily where she had been at a certain time on a certain day and she had lied because she had been ashamed to admit that Brett was cheating on Hilary Rauf assessed her lie to mean that she was the duplicitous whore who was shagging Brett and so he very coldly dumped her Now, years later, the poor heroine literally poor, in the true fashion of many of Lynne G s leading ladies has to meet with the H once again to resolve a financial debt incurred by her relatives I don t wan t to give out details but this story includes the disgusting villainous thief, who happens to be Brett Brett had embezzled the entire loan received from Rauf and had made it appear as if no installments had been repaid The dirty lecher had also been stealing the installment money that Lily s sister thought was being paid each month I couldn t get over how gullible and stupid Lily s sister had been about her husband Brett even made it appear as if Lily had been a party to the theft But, unlike many of Lynne s baddies, Brett gets exactly what s coming to him He pays the ultimate price for his crimes against the H, h and her family The epilogue is beautiful too All sugary sweet with a chubby little baby boy called Themsi I liked the inclusion of the hero s family too His great grandmother Nelispah was so damn funny And, unlike many HP romances, these relatives of the H s loved the heroine His great grandmother had adored her from the first meeting I also enjoyed seeing the way Rauf was willing to defend his honor against the lies of an evil former OW called Kasma If Rauf had been celibate during their separation, I d have given this novel 5 stars However, I didn t hate Rauf at all for his lack of celibacy during this period because he had honestly thought that Lily was a cheating slut and had moved on with his life and the guy had bought her an engagement ring all those years ago too, so his intentions then had been honorable Oh yeah, before I forget Hilary got married to Rauf s chief accountant Serhan That poor woman deserved a happy new marriage after the shit storm she d been through with Brett.This is one of LG s novels that are great for a re read now and again

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    SPOILERS aboundGR reviewers prepare me for this besides it s Lynne Graham side eye to her rare creeps Virgin on Her Wedding Night, the vicious Bride for Real, the unlovingGreek Tycoon, Inexperienced Mistress, etc There are many of the standard issues from an LG romance, but the anomalies far outweigh the tropes The basics the H sees the h after several years and goes into evil tycoon wealthy businessman revenge mode because he thinks she s a big tease, a crook and probably had sex with her beloved older sister like a mother s smarmy needs to die husband despite claiming she s a virgin Except he is TERRIBLE at revenge He plots his revenge, but once he finds out that she s a virgin and is so overwhelmed with guilt he is unavailable to complete the act, a first in HarleyLand Boogenhagen, could you weigh in on erectile disfunction and Harley heroes Then he marries her, see virgin Then he sees a bank fax with her name and the evil BIL s names on it and accuses her of fraud AGAIN Her reaction is non standard Harley heroine She doesn t cry, she tells the fathead she s fed up with his caca and take her to poky now and she ll get the police to investigate the fraud since he is so bad at it She s gonna take down her evil BIL that she hates beyond the beyond, and the H can stick it and love on his self involved self Hoisted by his own petard, the H does a 180, panics and grovels his way back into her good graces They were on his way to see his, sorry but no other term will do, cock blocking mother, grandmother, and great grandmother He may look like a six something Turkish tycoon wealthy businessman, but at heart he s a nice boy that sneaks kisses behind granny and great granny s backs.I enjoyed this, but didn t love, love it The best scene is where she turns the tables on the hero, and he realizes he is going to lose the best thing that ever happened to him Sadly, the horrible, terrible, POS evil BIL doesn t get tortured in a Turkish prison the rest of his sorry life view spoiler he not only tried it on with the h, but he abandoned his wife and children of which one had CANCER then committed the grossest of fraud hide spoiler

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    Rauf and Lily are the sweetest couple you ll read I couldn t believe this book was written by LG Rauf is not your typical LG hero He is romantic, tender, sensitive and just swoon worthy He adores Lily and he will do anything to protect her Both hero and heroine are honest and communicate so all misunderstandings are resolved at once Not an angst fest just a sweet jealous and possessive hero who wants to save the woman he loves from a vicious creep who also happens to be her brother in law Adorable epilogue as well

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    A Mediterranean Marriage is the story of Lily and Rauf.The book begins like a typical LG novel an angry multimillionaire Turkish hero reunites with his ex, whom he thought was a hoe having an affair with her BIL She has to make him realize that their has been a misunderstanding in their company s dealings with one another, he doesn t believe her but that doesn t stop him from kissing or propositioning her.However, once they bang, he realizes that things might not be how they seem because hymen was penetrated But does this stop him from being paranoid AF and accusing the heroine for further shit Nope.A very interesting read which I eventually did end up liking because though the hero was 99% of the time suspicious, he was also repentful and caring The heroine was occasionally a damsel, but she had her spurts of backbone growth Their lovemaking was passionate, secondary characters interesting and HEA was sweet.Enjoyed it Safe view spoiler H s celibacy not mentioned during separation hide spoiler

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    Una buena novela de Lynne Graham, pero no tan impactante

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    It was a disaster, but at least I had fun groaning and saying oh nooo , he didn t say that or other assorted remarks D

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    My Goodreads buddy Becky gave the book a scathing review I mentioned it to a friend who had read this book and she said it wasn t all that bad and suggested I read it for myself Well, I did While it wasn t all that bad, it wan t all that good either Rauf is a Neanderthal There are alpha males and there are controlling bullies who need to be kept separate from society Raul falls into the latter category There were so many time I wanted to reach out and smack him Lily was the ultimate in pushovers She would find a way to justify this bully s treatment of her, making it her fault I just didn t understand that I know that there are women like this in the world, because I worked with one, but I just do not understand how they are like this It is baffling.This book seemed much longer that it actually was because I wanted it over and done with I understood some of Lily s fears and could sympathize and I also understood some of Rauf s anger However what I didn t understand was the author s decision to make Rauf take his anger out on Lily the way he did, and why she kept allowing it If these two people were real, their marriage would be one that could turn badly very quickly I was also surprised that this book was originally published in 2001 The characters seemed like they belonged in a mid 1970 s type story This wasn t the worst book I ever read, but it was right up there in my top ten worst books Reader beware.read with caution PSi meant to mention Lily s family Her fathers reaction when Lily told him about the cheating she witnessedReally Seriously Hell no The brother in lawa knife to the gonads would have fixed him right up Last but not least, her sister, you raised Lily from a baby and didn t notice the severe changes in her personality Didn t question it Let her live in terror, in her own home, without seeing it Fifteen year old Lily was failed by every person who should have loved and protected her The apologies at the end of the book just were not enough for me Ok..I m done now.

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A Mediterranean Marriage summary pdf A Mediterranean Marriage, summary chapter 2 A Mediterranean Marriage, sparknotes A Mediterranean Marriage, A Mediterranean Marriage ce272b2 Lily Couldn T Believe Her Luck When She Met Rauf Kasabian In The Exclusive London Bar Where She Worked And Found Herself The Object Of This Charming, Wealthy Turkish Tycoon S Affection But When Rauf Witnessed Lily Leaving A Hotel With Another Man, His Fierce Jealousy Drove Him Back To Turkey, With A Vow Never To See Her AgainTwo Years Later, Lily Finds Rauf And Together They Discover That Their Passion Still Burns Even Though He Has His Suspicions About This Outstandingly Beautiful Woman, Rauf Decides That She Must Become His Bride

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About the Author: Lynne Graham

See this thread for information. Lynne Graham was born on July 30, 1956 of Irish Scottish parentage She has livedin Northern Ireland all her life She grew up in a seaside village with herbrother She learnt to read at the age of 3, and haven t stopped since then.Lynne first met her husband when she was 14 At 15, she wrote her firstbook, but it was rejected everywhere Lynne married after she completed adegree at Edinburgh University She started writing again when she was athome with her first child It took several attempts before she sold herfirst book in 1987 and the delight of seeing that first book for sale in thelocal newsagents has never been forgotten Now, there are over 10 million ofher books in print worldwide.Lynne always wanted a large family and has five children Her eldest and heronly natural child is 19 and currently at university Her other fourchildren, who are every bit as dear to her heart, are adopted She has two9 year olds adopted from Sri Lanka and a 5 and a 3 year old adopted fromGuatemala In Lynne s home, there is a rich and diverse cultural mix, whichadds a whole extra dimension of interest and discovery to family life Thefamily lives in a country house surrounded by a woodland garden, which iswonderfully private The family has two pets Thomas, a very large andaffectionate black cat, bosses the dog and hunts rabbits The dog is Daisy,an adorable but not very bright white West Highland terrier, who loves beingchased by the cat At night, dog and cat sleep together in front of thekitchen stove Lynne loves gardening, cooking, collects everything from oldtoys to rock specimens and is crazy about every aspect of Christmas.